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Freelance marketing consulting that drives your ROI

Our Flexibility produces marketing results

As your partner in strategy, we augment your sales and marketing practice with just the right amount of support. No heavy retainers, phantom billable hours, or dedicated account managers that weren’t actually “dedicated”.

No “black boxes” or hidden fees.

Just high-level expertise coming from the top minds in their respective channels.

Who We Are

Tobie Group is your supplemental CMO.

We’re a collective of experts that attack your specific marketing problems. We occupy the space between the business consultants that are paid to highlight problems in your business, and agencies that bill for overhead that isn’t laser-focused on results.

Imagine this:

You gain access to expert knowledge without the cost of onboarding an entire in-house marketing team.

Our Areas of Expertise

We believe in applying the correct expertise to every marketing challenge.

Marketing Technology & Sales Strategy

  • Ecommerce
  • Lead Generation & Email Automation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence
  • Vendor Implementation & Integration
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Content & Social Media

  • Social Media
  • Influencer and Affiliate Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Content Production
  • Search Engine Optimization

Advertising & Paid Media

  • Digital & Traditional Media Buying
  • Programmatic Advertising: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Audience Segmentation & Strategy
  • Media Attribution & Analysis
  • Copywriting and Advertising Design

Brand Management

  • Brand & Product Development
  • Measurement, Data & Analytics
  • Brand Positioning
  • Design Services
  • Vendor Management & Vetting

About US

For more than 15 years, Tobie Group has built and executed digital marketing strategies for clients of all sizes. We have experience with Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, and we have executed millions of dollars in marketing budget while working with hundreds of clients.

Regardless of size, brands and agencies have consistently complained about one glaring problem: Every marketing and sales team needed at least one extra person. There was always a gap in their team – if not a gap in personnel, a gap in expertise.

Our clients were stuck in a three-way limbo – between onboarding multiple people to handle one area of their marketing strategy, acquire a consulting firm or select a full ad agency – all of which is very expensive.

Tobie Group fills the gap between consultants and ad agencies. We “supplement” the team you already have in place, with just the right level of service. As a collective, we bring a new level of proficiency to the table; we provide agency and consultant-level expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a “collective” mean you’re just a bunch of freelancers?

Yes and no. We are all freelancers in the way that we all operate our own marketing channels and execute programs irrespective of a company structure. What that means for you is that we have a lot of flexibility to interact. Yes, we’re freelancers - but without the negative connotation. We’re freelancers with very specific and deep channel expertise.

What’s the benefit of hiring you, versus hiring any other advertising agency?

Our flexibility allows us to focus on the core challenge you have, without charging for additional services you may not utilize. You receive large agency expertise without large agency cost. 

Do we have a specialty?

Our background is rooted in digital media, digital marketing, and overall marketing strategy - but we have plenty of knowledge in other areas as well. Our approach is always as holistic as possible when it comes to solving marketing problems. We are experts at helping you diagnose the problem, and we're even better at applying the right type of support to solve it.

Where did the name “Tobie” come from?

10 years ago, our founder, Ryan, met someone named Tobie while traveling.

She gave him the best advice he had ever received. You’ll have to ask him directly what that advice was, but let’s just say he was inspired enough to name the company after Tobie.

Today, we strive to give clients the same direction, clarity, and guidance.

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